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Should You Go for Being an Amazon Associate?

Amazon recently celebrated its 20th birthday during the year 2015.

How’s that for a giant online shop which caters to almost all kinds of merchandise on the Internet? Cool, huh?

And just like almost every big company that uses affiliates (or individuals who do their own kind of marketing for the brand such as posting links on their websites or blogs), Amazon also runs its own affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn online, especially if you are running a website or blog.
  • Though Amazon offers a lower commission rate than other brands, it is still a solid company which is worth checking out as another means for you to earn on the Internet.

And if you are considering getting into an affiliate program, you should read more to find out whether being an Amazon Associate is right for you. In the next few minutes, you will learn more whether you would want to be an associate for this company or not.

Why some people do not use Amazon associates?

  1. They have low commission rates. They usually start at 4% or higher (as much as 8% to 15%) depending on the number of products sold. Since most people buy low priced items on Amazon such as books, 4% of a $10 item does not add up to a commission worth most people’s efforts.
  1. People should purchase the item using your affiliate link within 24 hours otherwise the affiliate cookie will no longer work.

Although both these reasons are valid, there are ways to go around this.

  • You can choose other options that pay higher commissions.
  • You can promote products with higher value.
  • There are always other programs that have longer lasting cookies.

But aside from those, there are still many good things about working as an associate for Amazon.

Reasons to Become an Amazon Associate

  1. Amazon is a trusted brand. This is a fact of the matter: everyone knows what Amazon is. For individuals looking to buy something online, Amazon is always on their top choices since it is one of the safest options to purchase from on the Internet.
  2. There are commissions on products with a higher value. While getting 4% from a book purchase is not that much, getting 4% from a product with a higher value such as a camera or laptop is already a decent earning.
  3. People (usually) buy more than one product at a time. If an individual is sent to Amazon using your affiliate link, you earn a commission on whatever product they buy, whether it is the item you are promoting or not. A lot of people load up their cart with other items they find interesting so your commission also adds up.
  4. Simple Integration. Amazon has great widgets and tools that help you integrate the sales channel into your page.
  5. Holidays = higher sales. Amazon has some of the best seasonal sales especially during the end of the year. Expect Thanksgiving to Christmas as a busy and profitable time to promote.
  6. Amazon offers a wide variety of products. Amazon is not just about selling books nowadays. There are so many products to promote that almost any type of blog function has something relevant to their audiences.

Obviously, the Amazon Associate program is not always perfect for every kind of blog just like any other income stream, but it is still something that is worth taking a shot at.

Ways to Make Money using Amazon Associate Program

  1. Make an online effort. The difference between a successful Amazon Affiliate and unsuccessful one is the quality of content on a personal site.

You can start posting quality content once you have set up your own blog or website. To get better search engine rankings, make social media accounts for your page.

  1. Be consistent with posting quality content. Your audience value consistency so it is important that you post regularly on your blog. One quality post is not enough to keep your audience for long, so always be present to build trust and credibility.
  2. Gain their loyalty. Online users know that they are being pitched and once they notice this, they are unlikely to go back to your page. Rather than making a sales pitch, make use of recommendations, top lists and preferred vendors.
  3. Be Genuine. Simply promoting items unrealistically is not going to help your case. People are smarter now and they know when you are not being honest to them. Avoid sales promotion since that is the company’s job.
  4. Your job is to entice the audience and help them make quality purchases. Do not be too over enthusiastic with promoting certain products. You should always be honest with your thoughts and reviews.

By doing so, it will also increase your audience trust so they will keep coming back for more.

Amazon has been in the game for years and they are perfecting the art of online selling. By working with them, you will also learn a thing or two about online marketing by observing how they do it.

  • There are different ways of promoting products and it is not wrong to test these out until you find the one that works best with your followers.
  • Look at what widgets they use to promote various products and watch how they describe their items and make use of audience reviews.

Earning money through affiliate programs is not easy money. You must work hard until you start reeling in bigger amounts of money.

Good luck!


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