Amazon recently celebrated its 20th birthday during the year 2015. How’s that for a giant online shop which caters to almost all kinds of merchandise on the Internet? Cool, huh? And just like almost every big company that uses affiliates (or individuals who do their own kind of marketing for the brand such as posting […]

Only a caveman wouldn’t have a social media account these days. Yup, and I bet you couldn’t agree more. That’s how social media is so powerful nowadays. It is undoubtedly one of the most influential internet marketing tool in today’s age. And if you use it appropriately, you can build a strong personal connection between […]

Placing ads on search engines can be the path you’re looking for. No, not the path towards spiritual enlightenment, but something entirely different and equally valuable. It’s the path towards getting more sales. And who wouldn’t like more sales, right? One of the best ways to advertise your product or brand today is by setting […]

What can happen within a span of ten years? Don’t have a clue? Well, let’s create a little run down from the previous years and check out some blast from the past. In May 2005, Facebook launched its very first advertising alternative. Just ten years later, the revenue of its social media advertising has been […]

Social media marketing is an art form and not a science. It has become one of the most reliable and successful means to market a brand or service. The potential that people saw in this medium lived up to the hype and all their expectations. Although it is quite difficult to be truly successful in […]

The world would be a dull place without advertisements. Throughout the decades, people have sought new ways to advertise. In the past, people could only make testimonies about their brand and post flyers talking about their product. Today, advertising has many mediums and one is social media. It is apparent that marketing in social media […]

If you’re always on Facebook, it would be better if you can use the chance to promote your business. Just imagine hitting two birds with one stone. You can connect with the people close to you, and you can manage your page and get full force when it comes to marketing your brand online. Sounds […]

Advertising on social media has never been bigger! Yes, social media has indeed become the biggest and best platform for advertising in recent years. Its explosion in terms of popularity and unprecedented reach meant that businesses should take full advantage of this exposure. This trend is bound to stick around for a while and if […]

Twitter can be a pretty powerful marketing platform. Yes, you can pack tremendous power in the 140 characters of every single tweet! Is it really possible to reach potential customers with such limited numbers? The answer is a resounding yes, and the fact that Twitter has a huge number of users makes it even more […]

A Facebook account is perfectly personal and public at the same time! For one, it is personal because it is all about a single individual. It shows his family, friends, interests, and a lot of things about him. And yet it is also public because just about anybody can see those personal information if the […]