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Best Social Media Campaigns: Samples of Social Media Success Stories

Social media marketing is an art form and not a science.

It has become one of the most reliable and successful means to market a brand or service. The potential that people saw in this medium lived up to the hype and all their expectations.

Although it is quite difficult to be truly successful in this market, there are some that made successful strides and stories in their quest in the social media world.

Some of these events are so well known that they have rocked the internet world and went noticed by the public.

Can you name some of these events before scrolling down?

Well, if you are curious to know more about these viral social media hit, then in the next three minutes, you will learn some of the best success stories of marketing in the social media websites.

Maybe you can try to copy what they did.

Nothing wrong with being a copycat if it brings in the money, right?

Social Media Success Stories

1. ‘Selfie’ in 2014 Oscars

The 2014 Oscars was hosted by long time TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. During the show while using a Samsung Galaxy phone, Ellen along with other Hollywood co-stars took a picture of themselves and branded it with the hashtag #selfie.

  • The picture was then posted in Twitter which gained a lot of popularity in just a few minutes.
  • The picture was shared millions of times over which held the record for most reposted picture in Twitter.
  • This was a big success for Samsung as they marketed their new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note.

2. Skype Rerouted

When Mike Corey, a well-known travel blogger, was dropped off at Istanbul in November 2013 with nothing with him except for a phone, he had to be resourceful in order to travel.

He only had access to Skype and Twitter where he could find clues as to where the next part of his adventure would take him.

  • This marketing strategy named ‘Skype Rerouted’ lets people know that you can go anywhere even if you only have your active phone in hand.
  • The challenge was set in multiple places where Mike had to go to without the use of money and other things.
  • The adventure was streamed on various sites and updates were posted in Twitter wherein millions watched as he made his way from one location to another.

3. ObamaCare

This health insurance initiated by President Barack Obama did not have the same success at the start. Early on, people were skeptical about the entire campaign as they believed it to cover a little bit less for a big cost.

ObamaCare Sign

  • This all changed with the #GetCovered campaign. Under this campaign, the health insurance act boosted its members exponentially which targeted mostly 26-35 years of age, some even older.
  • Also, with the appearance of the President in the Between Two Ferns show hosted by Zach Galifianakis, it further improved in popularity. There, the President together with Zach, talked about the health insurance act mixed with comedy and sarcasm that helped the campaign become more popular.
  • The video started out with the president talking about recent issues while Zach brings sensitive topics but with a funny and sarcastic tone. The video that covered the interview in YouTube has over 14 million views, a justification of the campaign’s success in the long run.

4. Native Ads

Native Ads are defined as the users or client’s posts about an experience they just had with a company’s product or service.

This method has been used by many companies attempting to advertise their brand. No other company made use of this more effectively than Taco Bell.

  • Other companies supposedly claim that their ad was Native but often show obvious traits that throw the authenticity away.
  • Taco Bell on the other hand has made strives and makes it a point that the posts are Native and depict the customer’s true experience.
  • This made their posts more authentic and clients soon felt comfortable about the brand. It is as if they were eating food made at home due to its ‘unobstructed feel’.

5. Arby To Pharell

Pharell Williams, a well-known song artist, fancies wearing a fedora in most occasions. The 2014 Grammy Awards was not an exception as the Arby, a known fedora distributor, made a tweet to Pharell Williams wanting their hat back.

  • As the logo for Arby resembled the fedora used by Pharell in the 2-14 Grammy Awards, the social media network went crazy and shared the tweet made by the brand thousands of times.
  • The exposure of the brand was already staggering as it was but later in the event, Arby bought the Pharell’s fedora in an EBay bid and the money was donated to Pharell’s charity. This boosted the brands popularity, doubling their earnings.

6. BatKid

In November 2013, the Make-A-Wish Foundation hosted a project in San Francisco City.

  • Thousands of volunteers, together with city officials and other businesses worked together to transform the said place to Gotham City.
  • Gotham City, the place where the fictional character Batman lives, was the goal set by these volunteers to make 5-year-old cancer survivor Mike Scott’s dream of BatKid a reality.
  • The event gathered thousands of tweets and posts in Facebook and Instagram which showed how an earnest and kind deed will always be appreciated worldwide.

Stories in Social Media Marketing

Marketing in social media is indeed challenging. Many people who attempt this often find themselves unable to draw the attention that they have envisioned.

However, there are many success stories out there which proved marketing in social media can be effective. In fact, advertising in social media is now becoming one of the most common ways to promote your product, services or website- in a paid but more targeted way.

As some instances have showed, with good timing and a little imagination mixed in, anything can be possible. Are you now ready for your next viral content?


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